• Oil paints

    Oil paints

    This type of paint is oil that dries out quickly and is mixed with different pigments and fillers. It may be used to draw upon fabric, wood, stone, metal as we recommend applying primer on all types of surfaces. The time Read More
  • Acrylic paints

    Acrylic paints

    "Maestro Pan" acrylics are manufactured with 100% pure pigment and acrylic emulsion without the addition of fillers, which is the reason for the extreme brightness and brilliance of the colors of the "INTENSIVE" series. The series consists of 48 colors in Read More
  • Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor varnish has a dense and saturated tone. It is suitable for all surfaces - glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, stone and plastic. Decor varnish is water-based paint and, if necessary, can be diluted with water. Decor varnish № 107 Read More
  • Tempera paints

    Tempera paints

    Light-resistant pigments and ingredients that provide an even dense tone have been selected. The tempera paints are water-soluble. They are used to paint on paper, wood, cloth, stone, etc. They are easily combined with other water-based paints - watercolor, acrylic. The high Read More
  • Thinners


    Linseed oil is extracted from the mature seeds of flax. They are ground and compressed under high pressure. There are two ways of production: hot and cold. The cold pressed linseed oil is most suitable for the purpose of painting. It Read More
  • Universal outliner - Metallic

    Universal outliner - Metallic

    Metallic colours, shades of gold, silver and copper, suitable for drawing on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabrics. The drying time is between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the thickness of the applied layer and the characteristic of the base on Read More

Since the year 2000 MAESTRO PAN has been producing and offering materials of the best possible quality for artists, professionals, university students, as well as pupils and dilettantes. Having in mind the traditions and innovations in the field of visual art technology, we are constantly expanding our product categories by creating materials and paints of the best quality for artists. Our product range consists of a wide spectrum of colours as well as supplies for artists and comes in packing of different sizes.
- Oil paints – professional series “INTENSIVE” consisting of 84 colours.
- Acrylic paints for classical paintings - professional series “INTENSIVE” consisting of 84 colours.
- Acrylic paints for decoration – series consisting of 60 colours; acrylic paint for decoration of porcelain, ceramics, wood, metal, stone, marble, concrete, paper, cardboard, canvas, glass and lots of other types of surfaces.
The essential characteristics of this paint are: very high covering capacity, distinct glaze and enameling, as well as absolute pigment concentration, as the pigment has been ground to colloid state which makes the paint suitable for airbrushing if diluted with acrylic paint.
-Tempera paints – series consisting of 48 colours which do not change upon drying.
- Paint thinners – medium, varnish, linseed oil, turpentine, resin oil, varnish for work purposes – medium for oil paintings, deodorised white spirit, glaze acrylic varnish, matt acrylic varnish, gum Arabic.
- Finish varnishes for paintings – varnish, dammar varnish, fixatives, acrylic polishes.
- Pre-primed canvases with stretcher frames – classic primer – painting canvases– canvases for artists.
- pre-primed linen canvas, cotton canvas, cotton and linen duck cloth canvas
- Universal primer – GESSO, acrylic primer.
- Files for artists; files for carrying and storage of paintings, sketches, aquarelles, graphics, black and white drawings, papers and cardboards.
- Boards – primed and canvas panels on solid board.
- Structure paste, gel, glue, binding agents, varnishes.

Maestro Pan

is a sign of distinctive quality and respect for traditions. You will find all art and hobby materials in our shops for artists and art materials so that you can realize your ideas and projects with ease.
- Oil paints, acrylic paints, tempera paints, water colours, glass paints, stained glass paints, outliners for glass, paints for ceramics and porcelain, decorative paints, paints for decoration, outliners for textiles and silk, textile paints, paints for silk, textile highlighters, all types of paint brushes, painting and palette knives.
- Surfaces for painting, paintings and black and white drawing – sub-framed canvas, primed canvas, duck cloth canvas, canvas panels – board, fiberboard, foam board, cardboard, chipboard, aquarelle cardboard, coloured cardboards, crayon cardboard, paper, icon boards, sketch-blocks, coloured papers, foil, self-adhesive papers.
- Paint thinners, painting varnishes, finish varnishes and mediums, crayon fixatives, charcoal, varnish, aerosol varnishes, turpentine, resin oil, linseed oil, mineral turpentine – deodorised white spirit.
- Dry crayons – sets of dry crayons, dry crayons sold individually, oil crayons, pencil crayons, aquarelle pencils, graphic pencils, black leads, natural charcoal, pressed charcoal, chalk, red chalk /sanguine/, pencil charcoal
- Tools for sculpture and shaping, clay, plasticine, modeling clay.    
- Tools for black and white drawing – nibs, penholder, black and coloured Indian ink, linocut paint, graphic needles, paint roller brush, dry needle plate.
- Stands for artists and drawing, tripod, sketch book, palette, painting frames.
- Architecture, design, projecting – drawing tools; rapidographs - ROTRING brand, pair of compasses, propelling pencils, mechanical pencils, rulers, drawing curves, stencils.
- Gilding, icon-painting, restoration – loose gold and patent gold, silver, palladium.
- Gilding tools – agate burnishes, knives, overlays, flatters, polymer mixtion, oil mixtion, dross metal, shellac, dissolved shellac, patina, pigments, fillers, binding agents, bone-glue, balsams, wax, etc.