• Oil paints

    Oil paints

    This type of paint is oil that dries out quickly and is mixed with different pigments and fillers. It may be used to draw upon fabric, wood, stone, metal as we recommend applying primer on all types of surfaces. The time Read More
  • Acrylic paints

    Acrylic paints

    "Maestro Pan" acrylics are manufactured with 100% pure pigment and acrylic emulsion without the addition of fillers, which is the reason for the extreme brightness and brilliance of the colors of the "INTENSIVE" series. The series consists of 48 colors in Read More
  • Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor varnish has a dense and saturated tone. It is suitable for all surfaces - glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, stone and plastic. Decor varnish is water-based paint and, if necessary, can be diluted with water. Decor varnish № 107 Read More
  • Tempera paints

    Tempera paints

    Light-resistant pigments and ingredients that provide an even dense tone have been selected. The tempera paints are water-soluble. They are used to paint on paper, wood, cloth, stone, etc. They are easily combined with other water-based paints - watercolor, acrylic. The high Read More
  • Thinners


    Linseed oil is extracted from the mature seeds of flax. They are ground and compressed under high pressure. There are two ways of production: hot and cold. The cold pressed linseed oil is most suitable for the purpose of painting. It Read More
  • Universal outliner - Metallic

    Universal outliner - Metallic

    Metallic colours, shades of gold, silver and copper, suitable for drawing on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabrics. The drying time is between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the thickness of the applied layer and the characteristic of the base on Read More

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Since the year 2000 "Maestro Pan" markets Bulgarian oil paint. A great product at an affordable price with excellent quality. Oil paint "INTENSIVE" covers a wide range of 84 colors with different coverage. It is available in 45 ml tubes.
The oil paint is a drying oil, mixed with various pigments and fillers. You can use it for painting on fabric, wood, stone, metal; regardless the type of surface we recommend applying primer first. Compared with acrylic and tempera paints, the drying time of oil paints is significantly longer. Oil paint can be cleaned with turpentine or alcohol, but after drying, it forms an insoluble film. For cleaning brushes use white spirit, and also warm water and soap.

Maestro Pan
Oil paint Intenive - 45 ml

The composition of the oil paint includes drying oils, which are used in pure form or mixed with one another in different proportions. The proportion and type of oil is selected on the basis of the specification of the pigment in order to obtain good drying and minimal yellowing of the resulting film. The oils are prepared by pressing plant seeds; they are natural products and their composition is affected by the different weather conditions and seasons. We further improve the quality of the flaxseed oil, taking advantage of the spring sun, which clarifies and brightens it.
Other important components of the oil paint are the pigments. The type of the pigment affects the drying time. It ranges from 1 - 2 days to 10-12 days. Other factors related to the drying time of oil paint are:
     The ambient temperature.
     The surface on which the oil paint is applied.
     The thickness of the layer – a thick layer of oil paint dries much slower than a thin layer.
     Light acts as a catalyst and accelerates the drying.

Maestro Pan
Oil paint Intenive - 45 ml

Upon drying of the oil paint an elastic insoluble film is formed, which becomes more rigid and fragile over time. To accelerate the drying process of the oil paint, thereto a siccative may be added, but not more than 2%. Clean the oil paint when it is not dry yet, with White spirit- mineral turpentine. Linseed oil or White spirit should not be used in handling of oil paint, to obtain velatures and azure tones. These two ingredients in fact dilute oil paint, but also virtually deteriorate its quality and significantly change its tone. If you overly dilute the oil paint with linseed oil, the obtained mixture of oil paint:
- Will dry much more slowly;
- There is a greater probability that the paint would wrinkle after drying;
- Over time, the tendency of yellowing of the paint will be much greater;
Oil paint heavily diluted with White spirit and applied on a painting is wiped off very easily, because the amount of the binder in the paint is greatly reduced and it could not adhere well on the surface. Moreover, the colors are grayish, dull. With excessive use of this solvent you "burn" the paint. We recommend diluting oil paints sparingly, and when necessary, to use the working medium /varnish/ for oil paints, or dammar varnish and linseed oil mixed in a 1:1 proportion. If you are looking for beautiful transparent shades look through and consider azure pigment in the wide palette of the 84 colors series "INTENSIVE" - Maestro Pan Oil paint.

Maestro Pan
Oil paint Intenive - 45 ml

Finally - our painting is ready - what varnish should we apply and when?
Varnishing the oil painting is recommended. The market offers a variety of varnishes - with gloss effect, satin and matt. The finish varnish protects the painting, allows it to be cleaned more easily.
When is an oil painting dry? In fact, the process continues for ever. We recommend that you wait at least six months before varnishing the painting.
Dammar varnish is dammar resin dissolved naturally in turpentine. With its help you protect and refresh the colours and achieve a slight sheen. It is applied with a soft brush or a sprayer.