• Oil paints

    Oil paints

    This type of paint is oil that dries out quickly and is mixed with different pigments and fillers. It may be used to draw upon fabric, wood, stone, metal as we recommend applying primer on all types of surfaces. The time Read More
  • Acrylic paints

    Acrylic paints

    "Maestro Pan" acrylics are manufactured with 100% pure pigment and acrylic emulsion without the addition of fillers, which is the reason for the extreme brightness and brilliance of the colors of the "INTENSIVE" series. The series consists of 48 colors in Read More
  • Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor

    Acrylic paint decor varnish has a dense and saturated tone. It is suitable for all surfaces - glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, wood, paper, stone and plastic. Decor varnish is water-based paint and, if necessary, can be diluted with water. Decor varnish № 107 Read More
  • Tempera paints

    Tempera paints

    Light-resistant pigments and ingredients that provide an even dense tone have been selected. The tempera paints are water-soluble. They are used to paint on paper, wood, cloth, stone, etc. They are easily combined with other water-based paints - watercolor, acrylic. The high Read More
  • Thinners


    Linseed oil is extracted from the mature seeds of flax. They are ground and compressed under high pressure. There are two ways of production: hot and cold. The cold pressed linseed oil is most suitable for the purpose of painting. It Read More
  • Universal outliner - Metallic

    Universal outliner - Metallic

    Metallic colours, shades of gold, silver and copper, suitable for drawing on paper, wood, metal, glass, fabrics. The drying time is between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the thickness of the applied layer and the characteristic of the base on Read More

Varnish for porcelain - super gloss, 200ml.
Gives exceptional shine and strength. Completely dry for about 24 hours. For decorative objects heat in the oven at 160 degrees, or heat with a hairdryer. Can be used as finish varnish in painting. Contents: acrylic emulsion.

Maestro Pan
Varnish for porcelain - Super gloss - 200 ml

Dammar varnish

Finish varnish, applied on completely dry oil paintings, recommended drying- six months. This is dammar resin which is dissolved naturally in turpentine. With its help you can protect and refresh the colours and achieve a slight sheen. Apply with a soft brush or sprayer. If mixed in suitable proportions with linseed oil it may serve as a working medium.

Maestro Pan
Dammar varnish - 100 ml, 200 ml, 1 000 ml

Acrylic varnish-gloss
The acrylic varnish is an acrylic resin in water dispersion. The milk-white color changes during drying – it turns into a flexible transparent film with glossy effect. Finish varnish for tempera, acrylic and decorative paints.

Maestro Pan
Acrylic varnish - 100 ml, 200 ml, 1 000 ml

Acrylic varnish matt
The acrylic varnish is an acrylic resin in water dispersion. Upon drying becomes transparent and gives fresh matt texture. Finish varnish for tempera, acrylic and decorative paints.